Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Period 5 & 6: Screenplays and Filming

Click the links below to be directed to more information on screenplay format than you ever thought possible!

Screenplay Format (Detailed Explanation)

Screenplay Format Example

Screenplays will be due with your movie.

If you'd like to be ahead of the game, go ahead and write in what CAMERA SHOTS and ANGLES you'll be using in the script.

You'll be able to use school-issued cameras in class beginning Tuesday, November 12 as well.
Any group that plans to film before 8:15am, after 4:45pm, or off-campus must use their own camera (smartphones and digital handheld cameras are great options).

Editing will begin in the library beginning the week of Tuesday, November 12 and will continue the following week until November 21.  I strongly suggest using some of your weekend time to film.
We will also have one more day in the library to edit on November 25.  Your film must be completely finished and formatted for transfer by the end of class on November 25, OR you'll have to trouble-shoot and solve problems on your own over Thanksgiving break.