Monday, December 12, 2011

Creating Believable Characters: For Semester Exam


DIRECTIONS:  Use this character analysis sheet to create believable characteristics for the character in your monologue.  You will have to create the information based on what you do know about the character.  Be specific!  Please write in full sentences as much as possible.

1.  Name

2.  Birthdate

3.  Birthplace

4.  Age

5.  Family status

6.  Education

7.  Economic status: growing up and now

8.  Where do they live:  city, apartment/house, etc.

9.  Occupation

10.  Physical Appearance:  how different from your own (actor)

1.  5 adjectives to describe personality

2.  Hobbies

3.  3 goals in life

4.  Strengths/Weaknesses

5.  Major influences in their life: past and present

6.  Clothing Style

7.  Major relationships in life

8.  What is the relationship to the “other person”/Silent Partner in the monologue?

 9. How do you feel about this person (past and present)?

1.  Usual positive/negative emotions

2.  How does character normally react to tense, happy, sad, etc. situations?

3.  States of emotion in monologue: beginning, middle, end

4.  Mental state of mind

1.  Habitual gestures/facial expressions

2.  Posture (how do they stand) and movement (how do they walk)

3.  Vocal characteristics (talk fast/slow, high/low, nasally?, etc.)

4.  Health

5.  How will you physicalize your emotions as this character?