Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Period 5 and Period 6: This Week (October 28 - November 1)


Monday 10/28: Sound Effects & Music Genre Workshop

Tuesday 10/29: Film Shots & Angles Notes

Wednesday 10/30: Complete Film Shots, Angles & Movement Notes/Film Viewing

Thursday 10/31: Film Viewing and Discussion

Friday 11/1: Brainstorming/Begin Film Proposal

Period 3: October 28 - November 1

This week:

Monday - Cold Readings
Tuesday - Drills :-)  And casting.
Wednesday - Read-through
Thursday - Rehearsal/Production Etiquette notes
Friday - Blocking

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Characterization Notes and Observation Assignment

Do TWO observations.  Questions 3, 6, 7, & 8 are worth 15% each.  All others are worth 10%,

Character Observation:

While at home, school, church, mall, supermarket, or another public
place, take at least 10 minutes to observe one person. Answer the
following questions and write about your observations on another
sheet of paper.

1. Where did you observe this person?
2. When and how long did you observe this person?
3. Describe the external qualities of this person: posture,
movements, mannerisms, age, height, etc.
4. Describe the sound of this person’s voice.
5. Describe this person’s mood or attitude.
6. Describe how this person interacts with his/her surroundings.
7. Make assumptions about this person. Determine internal
qualities from your observations. What do you think this
person’s education, job, hobby, mentality, etc. is?
8. Write about what clues led you to make these assumptions.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some Greek Mask examples...

I have other examples that students have made in class, but here's some to get you started.

You should have ONE MASK for EACH CHARACTER in your play.  The masks should reflect the KIND OF CHARACTER THEY ARE, and their EMOTIONAL STATE.

I like that this one uses interesting material (the hair!).

A little blurry, but I like the colors and the different ages of the characters.

This is just a good starting point for those of you who may have no idea how to structure a mask on paper.

If you've got animals in your script, these are good ways to convey animals. 
(Don't forget the emotional state!)

For a good challenge, make your mask three dimensional. 

Check out the Fu Man Chu on the mask at the bottom right. 
And the expressions on all of their faces!